Approaching Monologues

Much like scenes, you need to do a monologue breakdown. But because monologues are performed alone they require greater work as the actor is left to create the scene all by themselves.

The Basics:

1) Who are you?

2) Where are you?

3) Who are you talking to?

4) What is your objective? In other words, what do you want to happen by saying all these things?


1) What are the details of the space you are in? Be very specific and take time creating it!

2) How do you feel about the person you're talking to? How do those feelings change the way you say the lines?

3) What were you doing a few seconds before you speak? A few minutes before?

Character Details:

1) How is this person different from you?
2) What adjectives would you use to describe them?
3)How can you use those adjectives to make physical choices?
4) What places in the monologue are the most emotional?
5) Can you find a way to relate those emotions or situation to your real life?