Class Descriptions


Improv Kids: 9:30AM -11:00AM 

(12 & Under)

Maybe you’re a young performer working on coming out of your shell. Or perhaps you’re an outgoing kid working on channeling your creative energy into proper acting techniques. Either way, the games, lessons, tips and tricks learned in this class will help all actors find their potential. Japheth uses a variety of IMPROVISATION GAMES to get the creative performance muscles working and prepare young actors for spontaneity in the business.

Audition for kids: 11:30AM – 1:30PM (12 & Under)

A fun class that starts with energizing Improv Games that help build acting basics. Students are given audition material from current youth markets (Disney, Nick, Feature Films, One- Hour Dramas, etc.) to practice for the real- life situation. Japheth simulates the audition experience using camera and monitor for instant playback, allowing actors to see what producers will see and focus on their strengths as well as areas to improve. Exercises are designed to explore how actors can creatively use their tools (voice, body and especially eyes) to tell a powerful story in any casting office.

Teen improv: 2PM – 3:30PM

(13 & Up)

For actors who want to be more-free in their choices, more confident in their abilities and more prepared for every situation. Japheth leads with energy, playing fun, engaging improv games. Students have no choice but to become better listeners, which in turn, makes them better actors. We explore all the ways to use improvisation during auditions, interviews and while filming on set. Some of the tools gained in this series are: fearless spontaneity when you’re on the spot, how to stand out for all the right reasons in an ensemble, creating original characters, breaking the ice in any situation, finding out why and how you’re funny, etc.

For Teenage Audition Technique 4PM - 6PM

(13 & Up)

A class for actors who want to increase their success in audition situations. Japheth gives students a global view of the current industry in Hollywood, focusing on how we can use hidden clues to inform our audition choices. Topics discussed: Industry Hierarchy,

How To Read Hints in Breakdowns and Sides, How to Work The Room, Navigating Callbacks, Self-Tape Submissions, etc...


Master Class: Ensemble Role Play from Popular Movies (12 & Above) 



Writers struggle to make every character different so that they can get the most out of every scene. Throw those characters into a level 10 stress situation and let the fireworks begin! Using popular film scenes, we’re going to throw you into some wildly fun situations as you learn character archetypes and how they serve the script. We’ll dive into ensemble play in both crazy comedies and dangerous dramas. We’ll be switching characters and archetypes in this fast-paced class built to teach you the personality traits of all characters and what you, the actor, are expected to deliver! Scripts will be sent out in advance of class. Come ready to risk, play and learn!